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Online menus with QR Code

Toasted Menu is packed with features. But what makes it the best online menu solution on the market today? To answer that, here are its main features:

Automated translation

Do you have an international clientele? The integrated translator DeepL allows you to customise your menu in any language you like, providing a seamless experience for all your customers
After this initial translation by the digital translator, you can always go back and finalise it: DeepL is still a superior translation quality compared to other online solutions.

An illustrated and detailed menu

Present your dishes and your drinks and wine list in an attractive way with illustrations and detailed descriptions. Your customers get a visual impression of your dishes and products - they won't be able to resist!

A clear, intuitive interface

The Toasted Menu interface is designed to be clear and intuitive. Your customers can easily navigate through your online menu, exploring the different categories and descriptions and quickly finding what they want. You can detail allergens, organic dishes or any other special dietary requirements in the detailed description.
Vegetarian dishes, meanwhile, are easily identified by a specific pictogram. An optimal user experience guaranteed!

A responsive, flexible menu

The platform allows you to modify the menu online at any time. Add new dishes, update descriptions, adjust prices, mark as "sold out"... all in real time and in a matter of seconds, even during service hours

A reassuring solution

Current events are forcing us to make hygiene a priority. Thanks to the online menu, you can reduce health risks: your customers can consult the menu directly from their mobile phone or on a TV screen in the restaurant, guaranteeing a safe, contact-free experience.
However, the "Print menu" option is still available if you need to, or to send directly to the printer, who will always have your latest version on hand!

Update your dynamic menu and publish it in real time in a matter of seconds, even during service hours!

Online menu with QR Code - Categories Online menu with QR Code - La carte

A display adapted to all types of media

Access by QR Code scan

Simplify access to your online menus with the QR Code. Your customers simply scan it with their mobile device and access your menus directly.

Smartphone and tablet

Your menu is displayed in real time on all mobile devices, providing a seamless experience for your customers in any language.

Large format on TV screen

The option of displaying the menu on a TV screen is also available: capture your customers' attention by displaying the daily menu, dishes and wines on a large screen.

Print version available

Turn your digital menu into a print-ready PDF file at the click of a button. This provides you with a back-up paper version, ensuring that your customers always have access to your menu.

Optional services:

  • Professional human translation of your menus: contact us for a personalised quote.
  • Customised version for display on HD TV: opt for a version specially designed for displaying your menus, or part of them, on a TV screen.
  • Creation of a personalised QR-Code with your logo: the personal touch that sets you apart!

Edit, publish, display :

Any changes made and published are updated in real time on all your digital menus.

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