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Toasted Menu
Online menus

Toasted Menu, Online menus with QRCode

Your menus in digital format for display on smartphones, tablets or TV screens: a la carte, menus and daily specials, drinks and wines, etc...

A simple, comprehensive solution for managing your menus :

  • Add, modify, delete or hide dishes or drinks in just a few clicks
  • Quickly and easily change your daily specials or update your prices
  • Accordion menu to easily find the section you're looking for
  • Quickly identify vegetarian dishes or new products or dishes
  • Indicate allergens or meat origins in the detail view

A display adapted to all types of media

Access by QR Code scan

Simplify access to your online menus with the QR Code. Your customers simply scan it with their mobile device and access your menus directly.

Smartphone and tablet

Your menu is displayed in real time on all mobile devices, providing a seamless experience for your customers in any language.

Large format on TV screen

The option of displaying the menu on a TV screen is also available: capture your customers' attention by displaying the daily menu, dishes and wines on a large screen.

Print version available

Turn your digital menu into a print-ready PDF file at the click of a button. This provides you with a back-up paper version, ensuring that your customers always have access to your menu.

Edit, publish, display :

Any changes made and published are updated in real time on all your digital menus.

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