Online menus with QR code for bar, restaurant, snack-bar

Toasted Menus
Cards and Menus online

All your menus in digital version for display on smartphones, tablets or screens: Menu, drinks, wines, desserts, etc...

A simple and complete solution to manage your menus :

  • Add, modify, delete dishes or drinks in a few clicks: easily modify your daily dishes, manage your stocks, or update your prices
  • Accordion menu to easily find the section you are looking for
  • Quickly identify vegetarian dishes or new products
  • Indicate allergens or meat origins in the dish details

Edit, publish, display :

Any changes made and published are updated in real time on all your digital maps.

Displays :

Smartphone and tablet

Real-time menu display in all languages.
Offer your customers your menus on a tablet.

TV Screen :

Display all or part of the map on TV screen.

QR-Code :

To be scanned by the customer to access the menus.

Classic print version :

Turn your digital menu into a PDF with one click to print a backup paper version.


  • Multilingual (Integrated translator DeepL)
  • Illustrated dishes
  • Clear and intuitive
  • In your image

Options :

  • Professional human translation of your dishes (on request)
  • Customised version for display on HD TV
  • Customised QR-Code with your logo

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